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  • HDS services

    • Transport of materials and machines using HDS with loading and unloading

      The transport of materials and machines using HDS is a convenient and effective solution, it allows you to load and unload large-sized loads without the need for additional tools. Thanks to the use of HDS, it is possible to safely and quickly transport even heavy and bulky loads, which enables effective performance of transport works.

      Taztrans - transport materiałów i maszyn z wykorzystaniem hds
    • Transportation of heavy goods or non-standard sizes, e.g. construction machinery, agricultural machinery, containers, construction materials

      Transporting heavy or oversized goods requires specialized equipment and expertise to be able to safely and efficiently move goods such as construction machinery, agricultural machinery, containers and construction materials. Thanks to the use of modern transport methods, such as HDS transport, it is possible to move even the heaviest loads in a safe and effective manner, which is crucial for success in the construction and agricultural industries.

      Taztrans - usługi HDS - przewóz towarów o dużej wadze lub niestandardowych wymiarach
    • Installation of the structure at height

      The use of HDS is extremely helpful when assembling structures at height. Thanks to its versatility and high efficiency, it enables precise and quick positioning of elements on site, without the need for a ladder or scaffolding. In addition, the use of HDS increases work safety and reduces assembly time, which is especially important in large and complex projects.

      Taztrans - usługi HDS - montaż konstrukcji na wysokości
    • Loading and unloading of oversized items

      The use of HDS enables safe and effective loading and unloading of oversized items, such as heavy machinery, containers and construction materials. Thanks to high-quality equipment and experienced operators, these types of operations are carried out quickly and safely, ensuring maximum efficiency.

      Taztrans - usługi HDS - załadunek i rozładunek elementów ponadgabarytowych
    • Crane services

      We offer reliable and safe crane services using our HDS. Our equipment is able to precisely and safely move heavy loads, such as machines, structural elements or building materials. For construction companies and enterprises that need to install outdoor advertising in hard-to-reach places or at heights, our crane services are the perfect solution.

      Taztrans - usługi HDS -usługi dźwigowe

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