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    As a professional transport company, we provide transport services in Poland and internationally. We have a Community license for the carriage of goods and carrier's liability insurance. We offer a wide range of services, from full truck loads to smaller loads, tailored to the individual needs and requirements of our clients. Thanks to our experience and industry knowledge, we are able to ensure safe and efficient transport of your goods. See below for the types of transport we provide.';

    • Express transport up to 3.5t and groupage

      Express transport up to 3.5t and groupage is a fast and convenient option for the delivery of goods, which ensures their delivery in a short time.

      Taztrans - transport ekspresowy do 3.5t i drobnicowy
    • Jumbo transport 120m3

      Jumbo type transport 120m3, designed to deliver large loads. Use our Jumbo 120m3 transport service and let us provide you with reliable and safe transport.

      Taztrans - transport typu jumbo 120m3
    • Mega 100 m3 transport

      Jumbo 100m3 transport is designed to deliver medium loads. Use our Jumbo 100m3 transport service and enjoy comfortable and safe transport of your goods.

      Taztrans - transport typu mega 100m3
    • Truck transport

      Truck transport allows you to deliver loads of various sizes and weights. Our vehicles are adapted to various transport requirements and needs, which allows us to safely deliver your cargo to any place in Poland and Europe. Use our truck transport service and enjoy safe and comfortable transport of your goods.

      Taztrans - transport ciężarowy
    • Dimensional transport

      Dimensional transport is our specialized transport service, designed to deliver large and unusual loads. Our vehicles are equipped with specialized tools and protections that allow us to safely and effectively transport large and heavy items. We guarantee that our vehicles are able to accommodate even the largest and heaviest loads. What’s more, we have the ability to transport the size under tarpaulins, so you can be sure that your goods will be safe and protected against weather conditions.

      Taztrans - transport gabarytowy

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